The Sneary Family Band

The Sneary Family Band

Hailing from both side of the Georgia/Tennessee state line, the Sneary
Family Band brings a close-knit, southern charm to a range of covers
spanning several genres from classic rock to bluegrass and soul to modern
hits. While only recently forming a formal band, members Lauren, Emerson,
Jim and Kevin have been playing together at family gatherings on whatever
instruments were at hand for as long as they can remember – which for
brothers Jim and Kevin, means more than fifty years! Switching between
guitar and percussion, Jim¹s kids Lauren and Emerson carry the vocals of
the group, with harmonies intensified by their similar tone of voice – a
sibling speciality! Jim alternates between keyboard and percussion, while
Kevin, the veteran performer of the group, keeps everyone together on
electric bass. The entire family has music in their bones, and it gives
the band a sense of unity and purpose that really makes you feel something
and keeps you coming back.

7 Great Acts for the price of one.

The Lineup:

3pm Sneary Family
4pm Classics
5 pm Laura Walker &Traveling Tenn
6 pm  Stratoblasters
7 pm  Julia Cole
8 pm Connector 3
9 pm Trea Landon